Parthenope is a robotic musical siren that uses perforated spinning disks through which air is directed to produce sound. Computer-control of disk speed and air flow in conjunction with a variety of nozzles allow pitches to be precisely produced at different volumes. The instrument is controlled via Open Sound Control (OSC) messages sent over an ethernet connection and can interface with common DAWs and physical controllers. Parthenope is capable of microtonal tuning, portamenti, rapid and precise articulation (and thus complex rhythms), and distinct timbres that result from its aerophonic character.


Michael Sidler, Matthew Bisson, Jordan Grotz, Scott Barton


M. Sidler, M. Bisson, J. Grotz, and S. Barton (2020). Parthenope: A Robotic Musical Siren. Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Birmingham City University, pp. 297–300.


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